Reimagine Your Lawn with Landscape Boulders

Reimagine Your Lawn with Landscape Boulders

Have you ever wanted to have a mini mountain range in your backyard? Landscape boulders can add that special touch to your landscaping plans. Not only are they eye catching and visually powerful, but they also introduce a purposeful design with flexibility to your landscaping dreams. Landscape boulders are one of the most long lasting […]

Get Adventurous With An indoor Climbing Wall in Your Home

Get Adventurous With An indoor Climbing Wall in Your Home

Fantasy home architecture is what many dream of but few can actually make a reality. Some types of fantasy home architecture that can be installed in your home include bowling alleys, gaming arcades, and climbing walls. Home climbing walls are some of the most exquisite and exciting of the fantasy home additions. Some important questions […]

How to Help Your Child with ADHD Survive the Holiday Season without Frenzy


However, things are different for parents of children with ADHD. The holiday season brings with it a lot happenings, preparations and a lot of hustle bustle. The busy schedule, and more often than not, frantic preparations…

Active Play In Natural Environments – The Wonders Of Boulders And Climbing Walls

Playing outdoors in natural environments has great health benefits. We all know it; it’s no news. Children, especially are encouraged to play outdoors surrounded by nature.

Landscapers and Children – Concerns When Designing a Natural Playground

The world is brutally turning into a concrete jungle. Mass urbanization and industrialization has taken over large natural terrains. In all of this, the generation of young ones that would cycle outside, run around in parks, jump in rivers and lakes, and climb trees is most profoundly and terribly affected. Their nature-fuelled imagination is taken over by artificial gymnasiums, play courts, and video games.

Why Custom Playgrounds Matter

Sensory disorders like Autism and ADHD are very complex. Children with such disorders find it hard to communicate, balance, complete tasks, respond appropriately, build healthy relationships and/or have poor motor and social skills. They need special attention, dedication and motivation from parents and peers to help them improve their overall wellbeing. Heading Towards Natural Playgrounds […]

Play Therapy – 4 Activities to Help Children Cope with Sensory Disorders

As adults, we understand how regular exercise is essential to keep us healthy. However, exercise has far greater benefits than just keeping you physically fit. Regular workout and heavy exercise promotes health wellbeing, lowers stress, improves focus and concentration, improves cardiovascular health and boosts metabolism. All in all, the benefits of regular exercise are much […]

The Perks of Introducing Rock Climbing to Kids from a Young Age

We’ve all heard how staying physically fit is important for physical and mental health. A good way to make sure your child is physically and mentally fit, introduce him or her to outdoor or indoor rock climbing. This is heart pumping exercise is a great fitness activity that has many long term benefits. Most kids […]