What Edmund Hillary must have felt, being the first person to summit Mount Everest in the summer of 1953. The sense of immense pride, wonderment, and accomplishment can only be imagined. Evolve Play Boulders allow children, teenagers, and adults alike the exhilarating experience of launching their own “Everest” excursion in a safe and controlled environment. Playground boulders and rock climbing boulders come in a variety of shapes and sizes while being designed with safety, durability, and usability in mind. Evolve Play Boulders make a dramatic statement while seamlessly blending into an existing playground, gym, therapy setting, or as a stand-alone feature in any backdrop. Gone are the days of awkward, un-natural play structures. Let Evolve Play make your dream a reality!


Little Foot

Dimension: (70” x 42” x 33”) Age Group: 2 and Up Weight: 150 lbs. Color: Slate Grey, Earth Brown, Red Granite, and Coastal Designed with our youngest clients in mind, Little Foot makes a perfect addition to any play area for small children. Its gentle sloping front profile allows for an easy climb while the back surface is perfect for the more adventurous climber.


Horseshoe Bend

Dimension: (54” x 60” x 54”) Age Group: 5 to 12 Weight: 225 lbs. Color: Slate Grey, Earth Brown, Red Granite, and Coastal This multi tiered configuration allows users to be challenge while moving from level to level. The front face allows for an easier ‘terraced’ climb while the back being near vertical, provides a more challenging approach for the growing enthusiast.


Giants Chair

Dimension: (96” x 96” x 81”) Age Group: 5 and Up Weight: 600 lbs. Color: Slate Grey, Earth Brown, Red Granite, and Coastal This highly versatile Boulder makes a fun and challenging experience for most age groups while encouraging strength, coordination, cognitive development and physical fitness. The front face offers a gradual climb with smooth transitions while the back face overhang can challenge the most experienced climber. Giants Chair also creates a great locale for social interaction for children and adults alike.


Elephant Rock

Dimension: (144” x 96” x 96”) Age Group: 7 and Up Weight: 1,000 lbs. Color: Slate Grey, Earth Brown, Red Granite, and Coastal Being one of the largest and by far the lightest Boulder on the market today, Evolve Plays Elephant Rock sets the new industry standard for a structure of this magnitude. With its huge rock faces and overhangs, all levels from beginner to expert will find their spot. This Boulder has no room for disappointment!


Climbing Holds

Looking to add even more versatility to the natural climbing surface? Look no further. Climbing Holds are the answer! They come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors and allow the client to customize and adjust places for the hands and feet to go while controlling the difficulty of climbing the Boulder.

So how do Climbing Holds work?

For the Climbing Hold process Evolve Play finds appropriate locations on the boulders surface where a Climbing Hold can be located. A surface hole is drilled and a T-nut installed. A T-nut is essentially a threaded nut with a connection flange. The T-nut is installed on the interior of the boulder and from the exterior; only a small hole can be seen. Wherever a T-nut is located a Climbing Hold can be placed by simply face bolting it on.

Average number of Climbing Hold locations per Boulder:

Little Foot – 7 Horseshoe Bend – 12 Giants Chair – 35 Elephant Rock – 55

Handholds with a purpose:

So you have a Boulder that is ready for Climbing Holds, now what? The possible layout and configuration of Climbing Holds is only limited by your imagination. Configuring the Climbing Holds to meet a specific purpose or goal is known as route setting. Goals of route setting can include but aren’t limited to endurance, strength, muscle memory, balance, sensory play or simple enjoyment. Remember to have fun and be creative while keeping safety in mind.