Custom Creations

On top of production pieces, Evolve Play is the premier producer of the most realistic and attractive composite productions and reproductions of natural and synthetic play and therapy products. Since nature is the stimulus behind our creations, we are dedicated to give the smartest and most innovative ideas for natural outlets and natural settings.

At Evolve Play our focus is ensuring that users get the most out of every piece that we manufacture. That often means working with our clients to create unique pieces geared for their specific project or customizing one our existing products to meet their needs. For example:

  • Love the shape of one of our boulders but would like it shorter?
  • Want to create a life size reproduction of your schools mascot?
  • Need dinosaur bones to be discovered at the bottom of a sandbox for the aspiring archeologist?
  • Want a pirate ship, rock cave tunnel, or climbing tree?
  • No Problem. We have you covered!
Creation MuseamElephant

Our team of artisans, designers and engineers are here to transform your dreams into reality. Remember our mantra, “Imagination Without Limits”. For an estimate on a custom piece, please Contact Us.

For your Custom Creation it’s important to know the people and the values of the company that will be making your vision a reality. At Evolve Play, our experienced employees are valuable assets. They fill a significant role in adding merit to our processes, products and services as they work diligently bringing our productions and reproductions to life. Our network of professionals includes artists, sculptures, engineers, designers, craftsmen, and technicians that work meticulously in meeting the demands of our clients and the organization.

We take our inspiration directly from nature and always create our products with the following standards in mind:

Dinasour BonesIce


We consider it essential that our products infuse liveliness in the environment. We work ardently to elevate our clients experience while staying true to the natural beauty of the landscape. It is our belief that each and every design should radiate a feeling of freshness and creativity.


We put a great deal of emphasis on the exterior of our products with the goal of making the surfaces look natural while aesthetically complimentary to the surrounding area. While the exterior is important, we also make certain we don’t compromise on the quality of the interior and built-in components of the products. Our creations are solid and true from the inside out.


We work openly with clients to ensure that we construct a creation that truly conveys their desired goals and needs. We are devoted to excellence and will go the extra mile to make every piece of art a true success.