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DistributorOur products are unique from any other playground or climbing surface available today in the marketplace. Because of our patented material and processes, our products carry distinctive advantages not only for the end user, but also for those who help us in distribution. We are proud to manufacture our entire product line here in the USA.Our products include much more than playground Boulders. We have a wide range of Climbing Panels, which include indoor rock climbing walls, portable rock climbing walls, transverse walls, Accessories and the ability to make Custom Creations. These makings provide users an opportunity to enhance their physical and mental fitness via natural ways. Our products incorporate prescriptive and non-prescriptive play, agility, sensory, physical and cognitive attributes that are ideal for outdoor parks, children museums, fitness centers and other private and commercial settings where users can engage in active play and active imagination.

Nature being our stimulus and development being our mission, Evolve Play continuously works towards improving its products in terms of usability, durability and safety. We believe in making our products innovative and to achieve this we build our products using modern methods, materials, and technologies while instilling a handmade old world touch.

To maintain a supply chain both efficient and effective, we are looking for distributors who can add value to our distribution system. In return, we can assist and improve their position and processes in the market by providing them with unparalleled services and products.

What are the benefits and services?

Our distributors are a valuable entity, being the face of our product to the consumer. We strive to give them a thorough support network to ease the complexity of their job. We provide knowledge about our products along with training to help aid in the understanding, functions, and advantages of our material. We have both offline and online methods to train our distributors. Training can also be done in person. Training enables our distributors to accurately convey information about the products to end users while building their own company’s market share and revenue stream.

We offer material and color samples to our distributors at no charge, further enhancing their ability to communicate with retailers and customers. Samples are the distributors most important asset as they do most of the work with regards to their clients making that final product decision!

Evolve Play provides marketing and sales collateral to assist our distributors in carrying out promotional activities for our products. Our support is available in the form of brochures, catalogs and professional photographs as well as Evolve company personnel. Our goal is to support our distributors in every way possible, understanding their success is our success!

Pricing Strategy

Get back to what you want to do most! We offer multi-tiered pricing, flexible payment terms, and no minimum order requirements to authorized distributors, saving them from tiring and time consuming sales efforts. With tiered pricing, the distributor is in control of their commitment.

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